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The Cooler Master CM Storm QuickFire TK is a compact, mechanical keyboard that will impress. It has mechanical CHERRY MX switches, N-key roller in USB mode, steel plate for stability, multimedia shortcuts, number pad, full LED backlight system, branded removable USB cable and more. The build quality is excellent, as well the response and travel time is fantastic. If you've never experienced a mechanical keyboard, you're missing out!




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Thanks for a great review. It was more informative than any of the other video reviews I could find on YouTube for this keyboard.

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At the end you said "...there are two other models besides this Red Model." I may be confused here and maybe you can clear it up. The switch models offered on their website are Cherry MX Black, CMX Blue and CMX Brown. I understand that in production they won't always color the switches according to their actual switch designation. When you pulled off the key, it was clearly red. Given the theme of the keyboard, they may make all their switches red in color.

Anyone who may not understand the difference between switches:

  • Cherry MX Black switches are purely linear (non-tactile), making them ideal for first-person shooter games. Since the keys in this type of gaming scenario are pressed frequently (and often with considerable force), a detectable pressure point is not necessary, and in some cases even disruptive.
  • The Cherry MX Brown switches are suited for a peripheral that is a sort of hybrid between an ideal word processing keyboard and one used for gaming. A slight resistance must be overcome, which can be felt when the keys kick back after a strike. Hence we use the term tactile (detectable). Because you can clearly feel the two switching points, you can not only type considerably faster, but you can also execute multiple strikes with great economy of motion.
  • The Cherry MX Blues are very tactile switches, with a precise switching point that generates an audible, detectable click when the keys are struck. These switches are ideal for top-level word processors; they do have a slight disadvantage for the uninitiated seeking to produce multiple strikes on the same key. A relatively high noise level is another disadvantage. But once you get used to these keys, you'll never want to use any others. Rubber and plastic solutions simply can't compete.
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Another great review, thank you !!!


Hi Rodney, Do you get to keep all the review items sent or just the one's you rate as 100% Kick-ass?
Kind regards

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If you're implying that I make some kind of deal with the sponsor and the review is biased, 100% no. I don't waste time reviewing poor products, so most I rate great to 100$KA. Hope this answers your question.

Rodney Reynolds,

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Sweet looking keyboard for sure.

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Keep in mind though that Cherry MX Red switches do not have any tactile "bump" at all. The keypress is entirely linear. The Blue and Brown switches have a "bump" within the keypress. The Blues also have a distinctive "click" sound as a bonus.