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The Nexus Thrio 310 Case is impressive considering it's so affordable. The looks check the right boxes, air circulation with optional fans is great, the acoustic foam on the side panels means it's quiet, water cooling is possible and there are plenty of drive bays. If you're on a budget and need a quiet stylish case with lots of features, this could very well be it. Also, this case has major modding potential.




Would a 285mm length Gigabyte HD 7950 fit into this case?



I had a Sunbeamtech Trio case, that looked almost as a twin to this case, except of the front panel, but it's very easy to produce a bit different one, the Sunbeamtech was way cooler, especially back then. Actually it could be an OEM case from Sunbeamtech.

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The fan is quiet. Why aren't the Prominent 5 and 9 have quiet fans like the Thrio?

Oh wait! 'cause there's no intake fan! :)

Or is it that 140mm fan is louder than 120mm fan?

Well, I have no need of 8 hard drives.

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