Noctua NF Series 120mm & 140mm Fans Review

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The Noctua NF Series 120mm & 140mm simple rock. They are quiet, push lots of air, are durable, reliable and come with a 6 year warranty. They are jammed full of technologies and this is what sets them apart. And no matter what application, Noctua has a fan for it!




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Andreas Hofer
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I've been using many fans in the past but none were as good as the Nocua ones. After 5 1/2 years my 3 original NF-P12 fans are still performing very well and did not get any louder over time like the 4412 series Papst.

Also I've recently replaced the stock fan of the Scythe Samurai with a Noctua fan result = less noise and cpu temps dropped 3 degrees celsius.


color of these fans are not favorable


The specs list the maximum speed as 300RPM. Should that have read 1300?

Also you said "smooth communication". I think that the word is commutation. Commutation is the switching of the motor drive circuitry, positive to negative, that keeps the motor spinning. Older designs switched abruptly and that contributed to motor noise.

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Never thought I'd see something so simple as a fan with so many features and so much work put into them, I'm pretty sure they cost a pretty penny too, I wonder if they have warranties, it wouldn't surprise me, if a company put this much work into something like a fan, that they also backed the product by including warranties that most other companies don't, at least I'd hope so.

Lastly, I didn't vote 100% Kickass because of the color, though the features of the fans sound really nice and impressive, the color still stops me from considering them in my current project.

Edit: Ah, of course I paused just before he says that they come with a 6 year warranty to comment....

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Would you recommend this fan for replacing the stock fan on a 212 evo?

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Well, the fastest 120mm is the NF-F12 PWM which has a 4-pin PWM and is 1500/1200rpm max. The stock fan with the 212evo is 2,000RPM (max). I would only replace the stock with the NF-F12 fan only if you want a longer life, quieter more techie fan.

Rodney Reynolds,