Cooler Master Notepal I100 Notebook Cooler Review

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The Cooler Master Notepal I100 Notebook Cooler fits 15.4" notebooks, includes a quiet 140mm fan, has excellent build quality, styling and looks sharp. It's also available in a number of different colors.



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Rodney Reynolds,


I bought the cooler master ergo 360 and love it. Lifts my notebook far enough off the desk that I can use it at work next to my regular monitor without getting neck strain.

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The idea of mesh is very good. My friend has one. The only problem with it - hard to clean from the dust, but you should use vacuum cleaner :)

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I have been looking at this cooler.My HP burns the heck out of my leg lol.

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Cool! Another great video about solid product from Cooler Master. I really like the stylish look of this notebook cooler. It's not too expensive and looks like it will do its job quietly. Thanks!

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I recently bought the Cooler Master Notepal X3 for a "gaming notebook" and it works very well. The fan is very quiet, the airflow is good, and the build quality is excellent. Not bad for a ~$35 cooler. Additionally, the illuminated fan is a bonus for gamers.