NZXT Cryo V60 'Bladeless Fan' Notebook Cooler Review

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NZXT Cryo V60 is unique with it's vortex bladeless fan design. This not only looks amazing but it works well and will cool down 16" notebooks without a problem.



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Nice and unique design but regarding cooling your laptop will do as good as any other notebook cooler. Nothing extreme there.


I am looking for a notebook cooler myself, I have one generic(useless trash)but after using it I know just what I am looking for
It has to be light weight, since I mostly have my laptop on my lap(pun not intended)and have bought a big heavy battery so my laptop already weights a lot. The core i7 gets really hot so a big & quite fan would be nice for 15,6" laptop, I also want it with some rubber on surface or something like that so it dose not slips easily when I move a bit. in other words this is not for me but if you know any notebook cooler that fit my description I would love to know.

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Whoa! I really like the unique design. This is my first time watching a video review of this product. Thanks!

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How good is this, if my laptop cpu and gpu are located on the left side of my computer?

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Since the air is being pushed up onto the bottom of the notebook cooler, it should be fine. The important thing is the laptop would be elevated on a hard surface and there's moving air.

Rodney Reynolds,

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I really like the design of this, but wonder if the air flow is really sufficient for good cooling. I imagine it is better than not having any at all or can only add more.

Nice looking product. May have to look into this more for my wife's new Laptop.

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It would work just as well as most other notebook coolers.