SilverStone ST45SF-G 450W Power Supply Review

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For it's class, the SilverStone ST45SF-G 450W Power Supply is very impressive. It's comes with a quiet 80mm fan, 100% modular, sleeved leads & 80+ Gold certified. If you're in the market for an outstanding SFX Power Supply, this is it!



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I need a good 650W with very cheap and good quality

Junkyard Dawg
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Thank you so much for doing a video review of this product. I have been anticipating a product like this for a good while. I have a question, though. If you check out this link, you'll see I built a small gaming system that uses a similar PSU. I have the Silverstone ST45SF 450 Watt SFX power supply. The biggest difference between mine is that the one you reviewed is 80+ Gold certified, instead of Bronze, and is 100% modular. As you may know, the computer rig I built is a little toaster, but does well in a cool environment. Do you think it would be worth upgrading my power supply to this model, to benefit from extra ventilation? Obviously I would of bought this model if it was available at the time. I appreciate your time.

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Hmm... If someone could make a TFX to ATX bracket so that I can use this TFX power supply, I'd be golden to put this in a Micro ATX case with a next generation AMD Kaveri platform. :)

Oh, I can dream! :)

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80+ gold 450w and its not passive ? Surely it does not get hot at all. At least they should have it only spin up when needed. Then again its a small PSU not sure if passive is possible. And its a shame it does not come with a power switch.