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The Giada i53 Mini PC might be super small, but it's big on performance. This PC is includes an i7 CPU, Intel HM76 Express chipset, GMA HD 4000 GPU, DDR3-1333 memory, 320GB HDD, USB3 and USB2 ports, card reader, HDMI & VGA ports, audio-out, mic-in, Gigabit LAN, Wi-Fi 802.11n & Bluetooth. No matter how you swing it, this is one amazing mini PC.




Any chance to swap the HHD with an SSD?

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Would be great for mounting it on the back of a monitor with a VESA mount

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They should definitely throw in Core i7 3610QM (quad core) with Nvidia GT 650m into this mini PC. If it's possible for Clevo W110ER, which is 11.6" notebook, it should be possible for this nettop.

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Amazing! But I'd rather have an AMD's Accelerated Processor Units (APU for short) put in place with the fastest CPU and GPU in a single chip that will be available sometime in mid-2013. The Raveri chipset is suppose to include the latest generation of AMD Radeon HD 8000 GPU in it.

But then it won't be for me. I'd want to build mine a silent mid-ranged gaming PC with a Raveri APU and a couple of PCI/PCI-E slots for gaming and music creation.

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Too bad it doesn't have optical disc drive. If you want to install or play non-steam game, it might cause some problems. Not to mention blu-ray movies.


Simply make a "backup" of the bluray, dvd or pc game and install it that way, doesnt take that long to make a rip, and i see this Pc to be more for a HTPC rather then a normal desktop, this would be perfect for me to stick in front of my TV since all my media is digital anyway