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The Amped Wireless R20000G Router is outstanding in every respect. It will reach where other routers won't because of the power high gain antennas, capable of 2.4GHz & 5GHz simultaneously, gigabit lans ports & USB port. Perfect for large file transfers, gaming, HD Video streaming, VoIP & more.



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Love the usb connector and its about time, even low price routers, must have.


Hi everyone.
My name is Tim, 17 years old live in Australia.

I've been watching 3dGameMan's videos for 6 months or so, anyway Currently my family has had the same wireless router for 2 years maybe 3. The model has Motorola SBG900 Wireless SURFboard Gateway on it under the LED's (I'd insert a pic but don't know how to, sorry).
I am the only techy person in my family by the way.

It is the standard router we get with our internet providers plan. We are with Telstra with 150GB per month internet usage.

And at the JB Hi-Fi store (electronics store) they have the NETGEAR AC1750 WIRELESS ROUTER for $348 AUS

Here is the link to the netgear on the jb hi-fi store:

I'm just wondering if I should get the netgear (by a long shot because its so expensive, but have seen it for $298 and at other stores just under $300) and wheather the Amped Wireless R20000G on your video is cheaper and better than it (how it measures up to it)

I just picked that netgear one because of its video is pretty conviencing for me, as it seems like its the best out there.

Here's a link for all the Routers at the store for purchasing:

please let me know which one is simply idea for upgrading at a decent price. I'm looking for something that'll work without too many hassles and as fast as possible and wireless.

I never post on forums. I'm not too sure how my message will look. I hope the links are done properly.
Sorry for babbling on. Love your videos

Oh just thought of it now:
My router is already wireless, so hooking it up to a new router.....would that be a weird setup...a problem perhaps? just thought of that now. thanks again.

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So, this router would be a huge upgrade from mine XD lol Once again, I can't afford these awesome items!

Casey Huffman


Impressive piece of kit :D

Kind of similar spec's to my cable/modem hybrid box. I got it free when I upgraded to 120mb Fibre Optic Broadband. I had a standard Wi-Fi router and separate modem previously and the rate and reliablity was hopeless (even in my tiny house).

I'm sure these new generation of router (although mine is untested) are going to be far superior.

Good Review Dude :D

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Rodney Reynolds,

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I should note that 2.4GHz offers more range than 5GHz, typically 1 or 2 bars more.