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The Amped Wireless SR20000G Repeater is one of the very best ways to extend your wireless/wired network. This repeater can connect to any wireless router, has 2 large high gain 5dBi antennas, 2.4GHz &/or 5GHz connectivity, gigabyte LAN ports, USB port, 802.11a/b/g/n compatible and comes with WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA Mixed, WPS security. It's a dream wi-fi ranger extender!




I am looking for a product that can take both wired and wireless devices, and still act as a repeater at the same time. Many other products will only do one or the other, not both.

Example, the Dlink DAP-1525 will only connect wireless devices while in AP/repeater mode, and wired devices attached will not connect to the master router (where the original wireless signal originates and connects to the internet). In Bridge mode you can't connect wireless devices to it, but all wired devices can communicate with the master router.

Can this repeater do everything at once? My ideal solution needs to connect all of my entertainment devices together in one room (TV, receiver, consoles, etc), and also act a a wireless repeater for all other wireless devices at this side of the house, and all of that traffic can be sent to the Master/Internet router at the other side of the house.

Many Repeater devices do not seem to do everything together, or they will - but only if you buy two identical devices to work as a true bridge.

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NOTE: 2.4GHz will give you 1 to 2 bars more in range compared to 5GHz.

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