Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced Case Review

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The Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced Case is a small form factor case with lots of functionality, despite it's size. It looks great, is lightweight, fits mini-ITX form factor motherboards, standard ATX PSUs, lots of ventilation, 2 fans and plenty of drive bays. This case has major bang-for-the-buck!



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The stock fans are just loud. And having a standard ATX power supply will just look so fat to a computer case.

Not for me.

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I really don't get why they put a dustfilter on the top(which is mostly block by the PSU) and not on the fans. They should have put one on the front fan and do the side as an outtake, which makes more sense anyway imho

Its a nice budget SFF case. For the price kickass

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Very dull and uninspiring, there is nothing kickass about it. It actually looks as ugly as a NAS box.