Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 1500W Power Supply Review

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The Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 series of power supplies are currently available in 4 wattages; 720, 850, 1000 & 1500. The 1500W is a monster and is designed for hardcore applications. The 3.3/5v rail is 150 watts and the 12v is 960 watts and the +3.3V & +5V rails are 30A each, the first +12V rail is 55A and second +12V rail is 70A. It has a hybrid modular design, 88% efficient, 80 Plus Silver certified and quiet fan.



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Let's see...1500W...flat, flexible modular cables.....Cooler Master.....hmmmm, what's not to like.

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I wish I could afford that -.- I need a new power supply.

Casey Huffman

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great review!


REVIEW AZZA GENISIS 9000! Guess what, dont have a heart attack, but removable mobo tray!!!!


This one is huge,even bigger than my ULTRA X3 1000W.

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Nice review again. I would still like to suggest that you fade in the music after the "have a listen" part, which ends at almost exactly 6:46 in this specific video.