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The Roccat Kone+ Gaming Mouse is an amazing product. Come with a 6000dpi laser sensor, 1000Hz polling rate, 1ms response time, 30 G acceleration, multi-color LEDS, robust software for button and macro setup and many more features. Also, the overall look, fit and finish on the mouse is exceptional. It's a work of art!



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Never figured out this weight thing for mouses. You hand get used to your mouse after a while no matter how heavy or light it is.

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I was about to buy this mouse the other day but I decided to wait because I wanted to take my chances of winning in the latest contest xD I most likely won't win but I love that mouse!!

Casey Huffman

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This looks like a good mouse. Has the right shape and button placement.

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Razer forever!

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I've got a Razer Death Adder mouse and I couldn't be happier. However, if that breaks or dies, I am open to other products such as this one. However, until that time comes about... it's Razer for me as well. :)

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