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The Roccat Savu Gaming Mouse comes with a 4000dpi optical sensor, 60 inches per second maximum speed, 20G acceleration, 1.8m braided USB cable, comfortable, affordable and well built. For the money, it's hard to go wrong.




lol what a useless review

"duuh these are some buttons, this goes to the usb port, you can use this mouse also for surfing porn"

its a gaming mouse. if you cant tell us how it is FOR GAMING then you have no business reviewing it.

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I like the look of this mouse. I dislike my G500 because the laser and the weight of it.

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I like, I like the side button features, I like the shape and look, I don't know what all to day, if times weren't hard, I'd buy it in a second.

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lol Roccat's trailers are so corny. I love it!


Please review the Cyborg R.A.T 9 and the Razer Lycosa!


Hopefully you can turn off the light?
I don't know why fancy hardware are lighting up like x-mas trees.


there is no authorized dealers in canada as per Roccat,So warranty is not allowed.I bought my Roccat kaves from NCIX in jan,This is my e-mail from Roccat for warranty on them.Still waiting for a response from them.

Please note that only the dealers stated on this website are authorized ROCCAT dealers There isn’t a single Shop in Canada which officially sells any ROCCAT products at this time, the Canada Market has not been approached yet, but its planned for the near future.

Even though this product was bought at an unauthorized dealer in the past, we are willing to exchange you the product as an exception.

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I guess I should have logged in,Anyways,If they come through with warranty on my headset I'll be happy!I really like the sound and quality of them,But now that I know there are no Authorized dealers in canada,I may be extra carefull on buying anymore until there are some.

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Let us know how you make out.

Rodney Reynolds,

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well,they did come through with warranty,just took longer than one would expect,just recieved the new ones,brand new unopened box.

But be aware,there are NO authorized dealers in Canada!That comes directly from Roccat.

Just recieved an E-mail from Roccat this morn:

"I have brandnew info on that topic.
As I already indicated, NCIX has been selling ROCCAT products unauthorized in the past. Those came from a distributor from Asia that we are not doing business with anymore since a long time.

But now the situation has changed: NCIX has started ordering directly from us shortly, I was just informed that the first shipment of authorized ROCCAT products arrived there at the beginning of July.
It seems they just didn't brief their customer service on that yet."

So its all good now with Warranty here now!


100% kickass product

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Any in-depth mouse review should include a test of the mouse's maximum perfect control speed to verify the 60 inches per second maximum speed as well as an overview of the included software suite with DPI settings, polling rate selection, profiles, etc. Obviously, that would make this video quite a bit longer but I wouldn't mind a part 1 and part 2 of your mouse reviews, as they could be far more in-depth as they are now.


I agree