Thermaltake Commander MS-I Epic Edition Case Review

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Like the original MS-I Case the Epic Edition is a great case. Budget cases have a lot of live up to since they have to look great, come with lots of features and be affordable. This combination is not always possible and sometimes doesn't work, but the Thermaltake Commander MS-I Epic Edition Case delivers.




do you know if there is place for water cooling?


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the lightning in this video messed up the colors.
It's a totally kickass case, but I'm sad it doesn't ship to the netherlands.

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This is an awsome case. Would be a good one for my AMD system :)


Would the Gigabyte G1.Sniper M3 LGA 1155 277 mATX Intel Motherboard work in this case? Also, is 120 the standard fan size for this case?


Gah! Burn it!!


Gah! Burn it!!


Dont know if its my screen or what but that case dos not look like firetruck red the way i know firetruck red. The picture under the video with the back of a truck look more red. This case look pink or light red the way red becomes after it have been too long in the sun. It gets a unbelivable cheep plastic look.

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It is not just your monitor configuration.

I took a screenshot of the video, open and paste it into GIMP, use a color picker, pick the color that is the brightest in the front panel, and see what the color values are. So I went ahead and adjust the luminance to 100%. That got me to 255 for red, 121 for green, and 158 for blue, so if I adjust the color value to 255,128,160 or 255,128,192, I can tell that it is pink.

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Well, the plastic is more of a washed out kinda firetruck red, the side panel is see-through window red (lol) and the inside is almost blood/screen red... but it's red ;)

Rodney Reynolds,

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Two things: 1. shooting in 1080p and rendering in 1080p would make all
of your videos better. 2. one thing that's irked me for some time now
is that when you test the stock cooling and let us "take a listen,"
you make a really hard cut to yourself talking right afterwards. Many
of us turn up our volume a LOT to hear what the fans sound like, so
you should give us a warning (maybe a countdown or a fade transition)
before you cut to the next clip of your talking and reviewing.
Otherwise, great reviews as always. I love the new-found sense of
humor that I'm hearing in most of your videos. Great job as always.
Keep it up.

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Thanks for the suggestions, they're always welcome :)

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I don't like its look, it looks like a 70s or early 80s attempt at a futuristic case, its just blah, I can't put it into words it fails, its just ug, thermaltake makes some spiffy products but this is not one of them.

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it looks pink :)