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The SilverStone Grandia GD08 HTPC Case is a mammoth case which is perfect for a hardcore gamer. It fits video cards that are up to 13.6 inches in length, has lots of fans, plenty of drive bays, tons of room to work, stylish and has excellent build quality. If you're in the market for a large HTPC case at a reasonable price but still has lots of features, this is it.




would like to ask you what is difference between this one and gd08. they are about 10 dollars difference.


I meant gd07 & gd08


Would it be possible to run a very potent gaming PC in this case?
*GeForce GTX 660TI OC
*I7 3,4GHz

or would the case cause overheating problems?


Nice case. I have The CM Elite 360 as my HTPC case. It fits my Asus P8Z68V-LX mobo and GT545 perfectly. Its also nice and compact. The only con is that the darn LED's light up my room at night. I actually had to color the LED's in with black marker lol. I seems to help out. I might try to find some dimmer LED's in the future.


Has anyone done a build with one of these? I'm trying to figure out what kind of CPU cooler would actually fit. In particular, something that is quiet and efficient for light overclocking.


New HTPC cases of this size don't come out very often. Thanks for the review. Does it have a 5 x 3.5" disk capacity or 8 x 3.5"? I am curious where all the disks go!


i'd guess they go next to the 5.25" drives vertically. I mostly wonder how much they would extend into the case, and make the placement of a full size atx board impossible .... And also i guess some of the hd's might get in the way of larger gfx cards.

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Yes, that was a mistake, it's actually 8 x 3.5" drive bays.

Rodney Reynolds,


I would have loved to actually see some hardware in it to make the dimensions of the case more visible. For example to judge if this case would actually fit a full size atx system.
Also i don't think you really judge the case until you've done a build with it.

I hope we'll see a full review soon.

PS. at 3:24 you're mentioning that there's room for 5x3,5" drives, when silverstone's site says there's room for 8


Can you fit a h100 in this?



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Hmm... I prefer the 07 version of the case. And I don't care for lights in the front of the case. I have a Cooler Master case which turns the drive bay and VFD/controls by 90 degrees and I must say that the LED lights shine across the room so bright and the hard drive light can flash like lightning. :(

Seriously, a very tiny dark LED light can do just fine for letting me know that the system is on and that is it. I don't need lights that light like a Christmas light.

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Looks nice, would like to see a model with a built in LCD for dual screen.

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