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BitFenix Shinobi XL Case is a full tower case that has lots of room to work and is a watercooling dream! It's affordable, looks great, has lots of fans and more can be installed, plenty of drive bays, cable management and so much more.



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One of the best Great looking, great design, and functionally Good!


I read somewhere that this case doesnt support ATX --- correct?

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yeah not a bad case, i prefer with a side window but this case seems really well built for the price. Maybe when i change my C2Q...

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NOTE: There is a clear, see-through window with no fan-grill version available.

Rodney Reynolds,

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It has some good features, but it looks too plain for me.

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NOTE: You can also get a windowed side panel for this case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum clearance for CPU coolers on Shinobi XL?
Shinobi XL maximum CPU cooler height = 182.1mm

Q: What is the maximum clearance for VGA cards on Shinobi XL?
VGA Length (to cage) = 334mm
VGA Length (to front) = 487mm

Q: What's the radiator clearance of Shinobi XL?
Top Radiator thickness (incl. fans) = 80mm
Front Radiator thickness (incl. fans) = 84mm

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I'd go for that computer case if it comes with acoustic foam in both sides of the case. I could have a rear fan be an intake so that it can easily bring in cool air and the top exhaust fan can exhaust hot air outside the case.

I don't plan to do a lot of gaming, however. Just music creation and light gaming with an AMD Radeon 7650. :)

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Nice! There is a lot to like here 100% kickass if it had a window.
You can change the black mesh strips and the logo for a few colors which i think is really nice. well at least on the regular Shinobi you can


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I like the size and simpleness to it, for the right price, I'd go for it.

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