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The Roccat Isku Gaming Keyboard is one of the most impressive keyboard I've seen in a while. It has blue key illumination, 36 macro keys, macro live recording, media and hotkeys, has excellent tactile response and the keys are to loud. If you're in the market for an affordable gaming keyboard that's jam packed with excellent features, this is it.




I have a question, if anyone can help me...

I have this keyboard, bought it a few weeks ago, after seeing the review of course, and you really convinced me.

The thing is I play video games such as FIFA 12... and I've noticed that when you press the "S" button with the arrows "Up" and "Right" the "S" won't respond... can anyone confirm that this happens with his Isku as well? because I don't know if to go back to the store and replace this with a new one or is it a problem with driver\ in general with this particular keyboard...

Appreciate the help! and thanks in advance :D


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Friend has one of these keyboards and I must say, I love it! Great design and everything! Amazing review! Probably going to buy one some time soon.

Casey Huffman

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Is the keyboard a rubber dome or mechanical?

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I have to say, looks really nice, as long as its not pricey like Razer, I'd really consider getting it.

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This is really awesome video. On one of my latest laptops i was having Keyboard issue and i has a occat-isku-gaming-keyboard in it now and it is really awesome to play game now.


I owe this keyboard, and have been using it for gaming and programming since over half a year, and I don't agree with the review.

The key area is smaller than in other keyboards, when you swap from a normal keyboard to this one, you need a period of adaptation. And come on, it's not integrated in a laptop, why on Earth has it got to be small??
The retroilluminated keys have been worked from on top the keyboard, not from the users view, and not all the keys have correct retroillumination for this reason.
The wrist wresting area is pure plastic, very cheap keyboards like the corded version of Logitech Wave have a decent soft wresting area, not just plastic. And this keyboard is not cheap, at all.

On the other hand the macro software and hardware is awesome from my point of view (one flaw: the < and > keys don't work inside the macro editor). And the keyboard has soft areas on its bottom everywhere so that it doesn't scratch your desk.

From my point of view: It's a decent keyboard, but not worth it's expensive price.

Yours sincerely,


1337 Hahahaha!

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I love the look of it. I seen this in a store and it had a lot of dust on it compared to the other keyboard they had and it felt cheap. Also if have read some where that the top of the keys are not illuminated, unless you are directly above the keyboard (true ??)

I am still considering this keyboard just looks so good to me :p.
Real eyecatcher.

This or SSD not sure... i hate not being able to afford both :( oh well


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I'm not into using the keyboard for playing games (I'm using XBOX 360 controller for PC), but very nice aggressive look.

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If you play FPS games a keyboard and mouse are the best.
Nice keyboard thanks for the review.

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Well, just because I play FPS games does not mean I'm forced to use a keyboard and mouse as I'm not good at it and there are too many keyboard mappings. Plus, I'm not used to using W, S, A, D, and the mouse for movement. I'm not into online FPS games, so I'd just use a gamepad instead. It's much easier and more fun for me to play.

But, I'd take that debate about keyboard and mouse versus gamepad somewhere else. Please?

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Server: Rosewill Legacy V6-S, AMD Athlon 5350 APU, 8GB RAM, 90W DC-IN PSU, Ubuntu Server