Xigmatek Dark Night SD1283 CPU Cooler Review

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Xigmatek Dark Night SD1283 CPU Cooler rated Kickass by 3dGameMan.com

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The Xigmatek Dark Night SD1283 CPU Cooler perform well, looks amazing, includes one 120mm fan (but another can be added) and fits all sockets. It has lots of aluminum fins and three 8mm heatpipes which come in direct contact with the base. The matte black color really makes this cooler stand.



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Trying to install this on my Crosshair V Formula-Z mobo. Being that there isn't an AMD installation video availabe for this cooler (only Intel) it would be nice if you could make one. Of do a vid answering so of the questions asked below mine.

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Why do all manufatures think everyone wants blue led fans on everything. Be nice if they gave you options of what color LED you want on the included fan. I hate blue.


Hi Rodney Im looking to build a A8-3870k build on a Nzxt vulcan case. Would this cooler fit that case? Per the dimensions I'm assuming so but would like your expertise on the matter. Ill be using a Biostar. TA75M+ and will be crossfiring the cpu with an Asus Radeon 6670. I'd like to know if all this would fit with this heatskink installed.


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Anyone know if this can be mounted front-to-back (vertically) on AM3 sockets out of the box? I've read a lot of conflicting information. Many of the reviews on NewEgg say that it only comes with an Intel mounting bracket and/or it can only be mounted top-to-bottom (horizontally) with AMD CPUs (which would suck for cooling AND obstructs RAM slots) unless you buy Xigmatek's separate "Crossbow" mounting bracket. But the user manual PDF shows an AMD-compatible bracket that SHOULD work. I'm confused.

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Thanks a lot for the awesome review. Did you or will you also test it with 2 fans (push pull) configuration to give us an idea of how well it can cool ?

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