SilverStone USB 3.0 Product Review (EC01-P, EC03-P, FP37) Review

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USB 3.0 is blistering fast so you're not waiting for large files to transfer. SilverStone offers a number of USB3 product, like their USB3 card reader and cards which are 5Gbit/s. All of these product are excellent for your USB3 needs.



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Aren't 3.5" drivers going by the way of floppy drives? I'm just wondering. :)

By the way, it would be nice to have etra USB ports in the back of the PCI card. Otherwise, it just looks bland with no functionality from the back. :) Other than that, it's a great buy.

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Info from SilverStone regarding rebranding:

“I want to clarify this just in case you are wondering the same. If you remember in the middle of last year, we were indeed the first company to sell a PCI-E adapter card with USB 3.0 internal header with EC01 and EC03, so they were not rebranded. They were co-developed by our sister company called Teratrend ( that specializes in storage products and mobile accessories, now with the launch of EC01-P and EC03-P you’ve just reviewed, these product will also be sold under their name. So yes, they are now rebranded, but the concepts to make these products were original as we work very closely with Teratrend."

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Ugh green PCB ? and yes that molex power is ugly and not sure if you need it unless you are charging something. Cards like these you don't want to see in you're case...meaning all black imo

100% Kickass for the card reader, great for the USB 3.0 expansion cards
(so Kickass overall)

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that power connecter going to make your case look not that good. I really hate wires showing on my computer. Does it really need extra molex 4 pin connection. Weird doesn't make sense for me.