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The Cubitek ATX ICE Case is an all aluminum case with elegant looks and excellent build quality at a reasonable price. It's has all the features you should be looking for in a case, like lots of drive bays, plenty of room, numerous fans with dust filter and more. Overall this is an exceptional case.




It's a $280 fucking case. Anyone who endorses this case clearly has never actually BUILT a machine using it. Anyone who had would have realized the NUMEROUS flaws in the design. Flaws that should not exist on a nearly $300 case.

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So far this is my top pick to replace my u2 ufo that is too big for the apartment.
Too bad I can't find this anywhere in Canada or anywhere else, would buy, will wait.


where are the e-tailers for these cases?

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They looks premium, like Lian-Li!

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Thanks Rodney good review as always. I've never heard of Cubitek before. How long have they been around? Good looking case. I prefer a windowed case myself.

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Thanks. They've been around since 2002, more info here:

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