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The SilverStone TS06 Conversion Bay is an external 2.5" HDD/SSD enclosure, it also turns a slim ODD in an external ODD and as well can be used to replace the ODD with a HDD/SSD in just about any laptop. A very innovative product at an affordable price.




great review i love the part when you told why it was 100% kick ass

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Very handy product allows a extra HDD/SSD and lets you keep the use of you're ODD!
And i like the way the USB cable comes IT! no way to lose the cable.
100% kickass

For a HDD/SSD enclosure USB 3.0 would be nice, but a ODD does not need it.

Do you need to connect the USB power cable for the use of the ODD ? meaning you need 2 USB ports... surely one USB port could provide enough power and be used for data or not ?
This takes away form the handiness of the USB that you can pull out, if you need both(which you probably do)
Well at least i have an external HDD and that does both over a single USB port

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Extra USB power cable should really only be needed with HDDs, not ODD. Although it will vary, depending on the power requirements of the device HDD/SSD/ODD.

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