Thermaltake Overseer RX-I Case Review

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The Thermaltake Overseer RX-I Case is a full tower case with lots of fans, plenty of drive bays, external hot swap drive, cable management, provision for water cooling and much more. It's definitely one of the better cases on the market.




How to turn off the lights on this case? RXI?


How to turn off the blue lights on the RXI Case?

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I would like to see more patterns on the front panel and less on the side.

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Although I love cases going for unique aesthetics, I think I prefer sleeker lines (like the NZXT Phantom, for example) as opposed to the rugged look. That's just my preference though.

CM make good cases, so I'm sure this'll turn out fine if anyone chooses to build with it.


how many fans the fan controller can take?

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I love the look of the case, I'll tell you that much but as pointed out, I would of wanted there to of been a bit more space, though for those that are good at using the space they have, this case looks perfect and bad ass, for 130 this case seems worth it but sadly I'm not that great at using the space I have in a case so I need a little extra space more so then usual so, even though I love the look, it would not work for me.

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Thermaltake have had some pretty good cases recently. Its good to see all the dust filters on this case, especially the one on the side panel.

At work we use the Thermaltake V4 for most of our new computers, but we use the Thermaltake Spacecraft for our ones that come with an i7. They are both very good budget cases.

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It's nothing too spectacular from the CM series but what I like are the dust filters. I have a CM HAF 922 and it's murder when it comes to keeping it clean and free of dust


Are there cases where all the hard drive bays are hot swappable

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Yes, this is common place on server chassis, you may be interested in the Zalman MS1000-HS2.

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It would be nice to view a video in HTML5 in YouTube so I don't have to worry about getting Flash installed in Firefox.

I'm using Arch Linux 64-Bit.

Pardon my off-topic post. :)

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Very nice case, and very well priced as well(just under a 100 euro average).

I think it would be better if the window was bigger,so you could then screw the clear fan(which should come included imo) on that window. Would that not look great, i think so

And the frontpanel cables are black, really nice :)

100% kickass

no accessories box ?

And i may have missed it, but where is the Cosmos II review ?

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Let me explain why I don't have a review posted on the Cooler Master Cosmos II Case.

I did an overview and not a review of the Cosmos II Case because it was damaged due to a shipping error. Since I don't do video reviews on damaged products I did the next best thing, a quick overview. The damage occurred because they didn't include any Styrofoam at the top of the case and therefore the top of the case was damaged. From what I hear from others, this mistake is a bit of a nightmare for Cooler Master. Many damaged cases are being returned which must be a big expense for Cooler Master considering the size and weight of this case. There are also reports of fan controller issues. So not all is well with the Cooler Master Cosmos II Case at this time. I'm sure Cooler Master will work out the bugs though.

As for the video review... Cooler Mater said they would send another undamaged case for a proper video review, but now want the damaged case returned before they'll send me another. I respectfully declined. So unfortunately there will be no video review from me on the Cosmos II. Although, if Cooler Master does decide to send me another Cosmos II Case (and it arrives undamaged) I'll gladly video review it.

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is it just me or does this look an awful lot like HAF X?