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Google Chrome for Android might still be in Beta, but it's easy to use, stable and syncs with you desktop Chrome Browser(s). It's a must install and I'm looking forward to the full release.



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I've been testing it out on my tablet and I like it, especially the desktop sync so I've made it my default browser.

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Wish it was compatible with my Samsung Galaxy Precedent(android 2.3). Looks good though.

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Cool!!! That'd be nice once I get Google Galaxy Nexus, but apparently, I'm a Firefox user and since I have an Optimus V smartphone, I cannot install Mobile Firefox in it. :(

Optimus V is a cheap phone for a cheapskate like me.

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Hey Rod, Apparently this app cannot be installed in New Zealand yet. What's up with this?

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Ratchet, Not really sure, unless it's government and/or telecom regulations.

Rodney Reynolds,

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Or probably it's just that Google did not made this compatible for some devices. I saw another info saying that it's not compatible for my "GT9100i". Guess the name... :)