Antec HCG-620M 620W Power Supply Review

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The Antec HCG-620M 620W Power Supply has major bang-for-the-buck. It's modular, sleeved leads, efficient, quality continuous power, quiet 135mm double ball bearing fan and affordable. Top notice Power Supply for the 600W category.



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I was just looking at this model for my next mATX gaming build. I have always been impressed with the quality Antec puts out and consider myself a loyal customer when it comes to their PSUs especially. I appreciate the detail on general PSU knowledge in this review and think I am sold on this product now.


I just bought one of these, the look nice yes. Except when I plug it in the wall like your video and the fan won't spin. Is it supposed to or did you short some pins together or used another device?

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HUGE fan of Antec and their products. They're always well built, and if you DO have issues, they're very fast to resolve them.

They're also extremely nice people, which helps, haha.

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Good to see that they're going modular with their PSU's ! I haven't seen alot of modular PSU's by antec.

I also think that all PSU manufacturers should be selling Modular PSU's and not be charging to such a simple yet effective feature. I mean come on, a couple of bucks to have your cables neatly in your system?! All they have to do is make a few changes in their PSU manufacturing process :|

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I'm so glad modular is the way of the future. They're getting much more affordable now too.

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Thanks Rodney great review

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Thanks and welcome to the site :)

Rodney Reynolds,