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The Antec Three Hundred Two Case has a stylish appearance, excellent build quality, has plenty of drive bays, up to 6 fans can be installed, large hole on motherboard tray, cable management and much more. If you're in the market for an affordable mid-tower case, you found it!



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WIll receive this case in the next few days,
finally I will have a good case instead of the one I have now :)

CPU: Intel I5-2500k; CPU cooler: CM hyper 412s; mobo: gigabyte ga-z77x-d3h; PSU: Antec HCP-750 soon)
Memory: Corsair XMS 8GB PC-12800; Case: Antec 302 Storage: Samsung 830 128GB primary;
Storage: 80GB+150GB sata HDDs secondary Graphics card: Asus eah5850

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A good review which covers most areas.I have looked at a number of reviews of similarly priced cases and consider this one to be as good as any.It is minimalist in style and has improved on the earlier design,being wider giving ample room behind the MB tray for good cable management.I also like the build quality and the provision of space for a fan to cool the back of the CPU and MB,with an intake or exit next to the rear I/O plate.As the case has no window the interior was not powder coated black,although I understand that this may be rectified later.I don't like the rubber grommets on the top of the case and would rather see a black blanking plate which could be removed and replaced with grommets if required.I think the problem of the short rear fan lead can be overcome by rotating the fan housing.



Antec, proving once again they only do the bare minimum.


Couple of questions:
1) The 3-pin connector for the back fan is too short. Did you just use a 3-pin molex adapter?
2) The front two 120mm fan mount screw holes are smaller than all the others. Am I missing something here?

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They keep fixing the old problems but create new ones. Why would they get rid of the fan cages?

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I have the original Three Hundred as well, I love that it now has cable management holes, that's one thing that was really lacking in the original. Thanks for the review!


Hi Rodney, I was just wondering if u could please do a review of the Antec One Case? I am highly considering purchasing it, I just need to get a full over view from the one and only. There's only one review I found on youtube but it's not very well done you would be doing me a BIG favour! Thanx


I have the original Antec Three Hundred. In this new version I would miss the nice front fan cages and the three-speed fan controllers, but the drive rails are a nice addition, though.


Of course a week after I finish modding my 300: cutting a spot for motherboard cooling, cable routing holes, and flipping the PSU and cutting a vent, Antec comes out with the 300 2 with those same options. *shakes fist angrily

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Funny how that happens... Frustrating, but now you have a custom ;)

Rodney Reynolds,


Looks good. In 2012 I would expect to see noisedampening HDD mounts for the price though.
Also, not sure if there are dustfilters in the front, but I would expect to find those too.

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Seems pretty good for a cheapish case