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The HIS Multi-View+Sound Adapter allows any computer system with a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port to add extra displays. It's as simple as connecting the device into the the computer's USB port and connecting the display(s). Up to 6 displays can be added to the same system. It supports 1080p and resolutions up to 2048x1152. Also, since it's HDMI it capable of video and 2.1/5.1 audio.




I've got a problem with my HIS Multi-view adapter. The first one I bought would have a marked pixel count drop every 30 seconds or so, then stopped working all together. Wasn't shown in devices after starting up my computer the next morning. I got a replacement, and it worked perfectly for a day. Again, after a reboot the same day, it was no longer shown in my devices. I don't want to have to replace it if I don't have to. Any ideas on what could be causing it? I use Windows 7 64bit.


I recently purchased this product in an attempt to tweak some performance out of my laptop, but instead I seem to run across a video driver error. I cannot seem to find a solution since going to the HIS website yields nothing and then going to the Display Link website just gives me the most recent drivers which doesn't help me much since even after I downloaded and installed the most updated drivers, I was still unable to run applications/games. This is puzzling to me since my monitor runs the applications fine from the video drivers of my laptop but when I switch to the HDMI adapter, I get video card driver errors.


I just purchased this product, hooked it up per directions (though the software did NOT contain an autoplay file as the Quick Installation Guide indicated). Problem is, my tv does not detect any signal traveling through this device. I found NO help on the manufacturer website, so I went to your review vid to see if I was missing something. Imagine my disappointment when you gave this product a 100% kickass rating without ever hooking it up and trying it out! Everything you said in your review I could have (and did) read about this product on the packaging. Poor excuse for a review if you ask me.
DID you ever hook it up? If so, did you ever have any difficulty getting it to work??


Hello, I've got the same problem with hooking it up. At first I couldn't find a program that was responsible for calibration of this card, but when I finally did I couldn't calibrate it to fit the 47-inch LG TV for which I specifically bought it - the red lines that are supposed to help fitting the desktop to the screen of the external monitor are designed to jump certain amount of pixels every time you press "+" and it is either ill fitted because it is too small, or the desktop is so big it is not completely visible on the TV screen. If you have found the solution and managed to fit the picture into the screen- please contact me, it really means a bunch for me. My mail: [email protected]


Does this work with mac and linux and windows? or just all types of pc's?

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Rodney, you gave the product a 100% KICKASS rating, but you listed it on this page as only KICKASS. :P lol

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Fixed. Thanks for spotting that. You're a great help around here bud :)

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At least someone is paying attention around here.. lol wink

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