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The SilverStone PS07 Case is one of the best micro ATX cases around. It has great styling, comes with two 120mm fans and another one can be added, removable motherboard tray, cable management holes and mcuh more. If you're looking to purchase a smaller case, but it needs to have lots of features, look great and be affordable, you've found it.




Thanks for the review.

I am curious, can you check and see if you can put a 240 rad on the front two fans? Does the fan alignment allow for this configuration? It looks like it does but cant tell for sure. IMO when doing these reviews you should hold a rad up to show possibilities for WC if you have a spare rad laying around. Just a thought to give a little more info.


would be great if you could do this, I've searched all over the net and can't find the answer.

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I dont usually like plain looking cases, but this one looks pretty good. It has some pretty good features too. Im not so sure I like the upside down mobo thing though. It reminds me of those annoying HP and Dell cases.

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100% Kickass! no doubt
Men i love Silverstone cases.
inside look a lot like the TJ08-E only with 2 120mm fans instead of 1 180mm fan.


I would only rate it as kickass, because there is no exhaust fan included, plus natural convection is impossible with the PSU at the top (and no mesh/ventilation on the roof whatsoever). Otherwise, nice styling and good features.