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The Lian Li PC-TU200 Case is like nothing else on the market. It's designed specifically to be transported with a handle, rugged, small and stylish. A perfect option if you're attending LAN parties or carrying your computer outside your home/office. It comes with a 140mm fan at the front, lots of drives, fits long video cards. I believe gamers will love this case.



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I have to say I really love everything about this case. The only thing that concerns me is components generating heat in such a small space. If I owned this case I would remove the hdd cage and install an ssd on the bottom. I would also buy an sfx power supply since they are designed specifically for mini itx cases.

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Looks like it would be a great case for LANs


Hey everybody wake up! Laptops????? Alienware & Co. c'mon is funny but useless

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I don't see how you guys like this thing at all.

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Seems like a hot box to me
A lock an the door would be nice, a easy to open case is not a good thing on a LAN-party;)(definitely knowing you can just pull the HDD out)
Like the robust design and the handle.
rated Kickass, but i would take a TJ08-E over this any day

just put a handle on the TJ08-E...:p

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I'd say t's close to 100% Kickass, but the lack of room with the HDD expansion bays installed limits what graphics cards can go in.

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Not really there is a GTX580 in this case and it goes below the drive cages

you can just see it in the bottom there

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This is great for me when it comes to gaming with only the expansion slots I need. I could go with an AMD A8-3850 with an AMD Radeon HD 6670 in there, plus whatever I need for a second expansion slot. Hmm... I might look for a motherboard that features an AM3+ socket. :)

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the 6670 is nicee, got one in my rig right now.
but it feels weak at times.. haha

Andy Han

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This is the case James Bond would use, and probably would double as a bomb if need be. :p

A lot of good stuff in it for a little case. Kinda looks like a guitar amp too.

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yhe first :D. but the case is really WOW i like it a lot . I really want to buy it now. if i had the money :\

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