SilverStone Nightjar ST50NF 500W Fanless Power Supply Review

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The SilverStone Nightjar ST50NF 500W Fanless Power Supply is 100% silent. There's no fan whatsoever which makes it a perfect option for a silent computer build and it's also 80+ Bronze certified. If your in the market for a fanless Power Supply, this would be an excellent product.




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Dunno some chump may buy this and put a fan inside it haha
dunno wat temps would this power supply get at full load

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I like, very good video again Rodney. So I'm guessing they put this psu through tons of test before releasing it. Only thing I would like to say about this is, " Rodney I do wish you put it through some test and find out some temperature reading". I'm sure you know some ways to stress test this psu. It would be awesome to find some result.


I think it's a bad idea. There are many ways to make your case silent. (My case has 7 fans, and it's very silent)
In hot countries i think it will not last long, room temperature can be very high without air conditioner. Another thing, all electronic components will work at high temperatures less time, and the peak temperature inside the electronic component is about 70 degrees C, add room temperature of 30-32C and.. bang, failure!
Don't forget about heat sinks inside (they probably have thermal paste which also can be dried by overheating)..

Bad idea! As we have better computers, we require better cooling, that's why i think they don't have PSU over 500w...

Think before you buy something like this.


I wonder how this handles for a PC that has a top mounting PSU. The heatsinks would touch the top of the case and no airflow..

I could see it being good for bottom mounting PSU cases though.

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Its a good idea, but at only 500w and with no cable management, I think it would only be good for home theatre PCs

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For most gaming rigs, 500 watts seems pretty anemic while for HTPC build, even 300 watts seems overkill. In addition, it seems like the heat would raise overall case temperatures which may be detrimental in a small casing.