Genius SP-HF2020 Two Tower Speaker System Review

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The Genius SP-HF2020 Two Tower Speaker System has excellent styling, build quality, design and sounds amazing. There are three 3" woofers and one 1" tweeter at the front. It comes digital and analog connections, three EQ modes and more.




I have a question about these speakers, they have coaxial input, does it much better then, 3.5 jack or rca cable, can you answer please, I don't have and coaxial cable and it's not in the box, so should I buy it or there is no difference in it? (sorry for my english)


I wanna by these speakers and im specially interested in the BASS quallity if I understood it right these speakers heave together 6 woofers with the power of 10 watts(per one woofer).I have at home a subwoffer wich has 6 watts so those woofers are stronger than mine and heave a stronger bass that doesn't get fuzzy(disorted,kinda you can hear brrr sound xD)when they are rly volume up?So please answer my question as fast as you can!!!Greetings!!!Thanks for the review!

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100% badass speakers!


100$ in Ukraine


Why don't you talk about the sound quality more as in bass, mids and highs? I think design and build quality are important in a product but when it comes to speakers and headphones I think sound comes first. But in your videos, sound quality is almost an after thought.


95 € in Bosnia :)



How can I make the speaker to be smaller. I saw this in the video posted by you, right speaker minute 3:40.
Waiting for a reply.



whats the name of the song?

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I still would to stick with my HTIB. II have a question Rodney. My current system has Realtek HD audio, is it possible to get lossless audio?

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Nice looking product, but when I can get a pair of Altec Lansing 2.1 speakers for about $50US that sound good enough for most computer use, and bedroom/small room/dorm room theater setup, I think I will pass on these speakers.

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These are available in the US at, and at as well as a small few others.
Prices range from $99+US to $190+US.



I was wanting to get into what you do, product review, mainly Cases, and accessories, IE keyboards/mice, and the like, do you have any tips?

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Let me be honest. If you are getting into this review industry thinking you're going to make a ton of money, think again! If however, you are doing this to get free products and make a few bucks to supplement your income, maybe. Fact is, if you take product reviewing seriously it's a lot of work for very little reward.

If you're still interested... Good luck.

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Note : this item is not for united states


Well i have finally figured out why the items u have put on ebay doesnt dissappear so fast , i noticed that u live in canada .all this time i thought u was in the us but i was wrong an now i know why the items stasy on there for awhile because canada shipping is a outragous compared to the us shipping ...kinda disapointing that u don't live here in the states :(

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Was concerned about the size of the woofers, but the bass comming out of those seems to be good, but can't tell from here.

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very nice speakers... very hard to find a price for it though. How much would thees cost ?


They are around £150 here in scotland :)


115€ in Serbia :-)