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If you're shopping for an all aluminum, full tower case at an affordable price, the Cubitek XL-Tank Case is probably it. It has lots of drive bays, fans, tool-less design, plenty of room to work and fantastic looks.




is it only me, or is that a Lian Li copy
but with some cable management holes missing
so bad in most of Lian Li case...

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Wow... it seems people's opinion on this case is all over the place. Some love it and other don't.

Rodney Reynolds,

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Could make a great water cooling system, though I bet its very heavy.

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Yet another plain looking case with nice features.
I wish more companies would make good looking cases, like the Raven RV-01 and the NZXT Phantom.


Hmm, not really what I like, but it is functional ;)

Hepatitis Q
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With a name like Tank, I wouldn't think it'd have that kind of elegant look to it.

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Well I don't think the case is that bad, considering most full tower aluminum cases are at the $300 mark and that most cases only come with 120mm/140mm front intake fans. This case however, comes with a 230mm front intake fan, which would perform better than 120mm/140mm front intake fans, depending on the build quality of the fan, CFM, RPM, etc. Also it includes two 140mm top exhaust fans, which most cases only come with one 120mm/140mm top exhaust fan, or none at all, leaving the rest of the fan holes "optional". So it's not really a con and even though there are some cases with larger and better exhaust fan, this is not really all that bad. Plus the 140mm rear exhaust fan and that most cases only come with only one 120mm rear exhaust fan. So ventilation isn't as poor as some would think.

As for the spacing and the lack of rubber grommets on the cable management holes. Well you can still fit a decent sized video card inside the case, so yeah it's nothing great in particular, but it's still functional enough to be a high-powered PC. The lack of grommets shouldn't be a big deal as long as you know what you're doing and have experience with building PC's, because it's pretty hard to cut PSU wires, except for delicate front panel connectors. But it should still be ok, as long as you're not trying to constantly rub the wires against the metal and being careless when moving the tower around (if you're going to do that). The holes should be burr free, if not then you can fix that with either a file, or installing material on the edges of the holes, whether it be plastic, or silicon with a hot gun. Or just gluing rubber strips to take away the cutting effect of the holes, if they have any.

The case is similar to the Lian Li P80 case, which did have good space for it's giant size, but still didn't have rubber grommets, but was still an awesome modding case for it's time. Even Maxishine used it for his rig.

Toby R. Varga

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This case looks good to me and would look even better with a few fan controllers and a side panel window.

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Good Review as Always. I like the case interior and what you get (Space and placing drives). For 114 euro (151 dollar) I find the price to high for a full tower aluminum case. The front panel design is not that attractive, missing rubber protection inside for the cable management,... To basic. 50/50

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Doesnt really feel like they thought out this case. It has poor ventilation for XL moderboards(If you are goin XL you should be using atleast 3xgraphiccards if not then you are doing it wrong) and if you are going to use a standart ATX moderboard well then there are a lot of other great cases to use depending on what you want. Fractal Design Arc for a lot of fans and FD Define R3 for a quite and stylish case and we have the CM HAF series also for great ventelation, Corsair, it doesnt really feel like it fits anywhere and I find that about a lot of newer cases they just dont bring anything new or a reason why to pick that one insteed of some of the ones I listed.

The case needs work and they need to find a niche for it else it will only be bought by those that dont know better or those that just buys it becouse they dont want what everyone else have.

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