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The Antec Solo 2 Case is a elegant looking case with lots of great features. It's all black, lots of drive bays, fans, tool-less design, hole on motherboard tray, cable management holes and more. It also has acoustic dampending material, which is excellent for quiet computer builds.




the presentation method is very good because first they explain the intitial things and secong phase it is start to describe the main things whick is necessary to explain it.

cable management


Rodney, the BIG hole is for changing CPU coolers that have a backplate. I'm surprised you didn't know that!


The top mounted power supply isn't an issue at all here because the fan can intake cool air through the top. I don't see how you could've missed that mesh on the top Rodney.


I hate these rubber feet antec puts on their cases. They come off really easy and it is a pain to have to glue them again.

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I'm going to need a computer case like this one with sound-proofing built-in. Are there any cases out there with 4 drive bays? I'm not that much into playing graphically-intensive games, so I'll probably get an AMD Fusion APU with accompanying graphics card, something like a Radeon HD 7670 that I plan to get next year. (When I'm into gaming, about 99% of the time, I'm into Japanese/Eastern RPG, which is really my favorite genre.) I'm also into music-making, since I'm going to need to quiet down my PC, even though I'm not a vocalist. :)

How much is the acoustic dampening in that computer case that I saw in the video review? I can live without screwless design since all the components that I'll be getting will stay into place, so no motherboard tray for me, but then I do have thumbscrews for expansion slots, as it's very tricky to put in screws and screw them in with a screwdriver.

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Oh, I forgot to mention you may also be interested in Zalman's range of cases as well.


You may be interested in Antec's Sonata range.


I think hole on the motherboard tray is that size to distribute the vibrations in both dampening sides instead of most of it rebounding in the steel and having to be absorbed by the opposite dampening side.

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That case could be good for a home theater PC but I couldn't see it used for any thing more.

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Rodney, you talked about the plain side panels and acoustic material twice. Once at 3:10 and again at 3:30

It seems like a pretty good case, but its a but too plain looking for me.

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oops, I forgot to log in


Having the Power Supply Unit at the top is sensible as some PSU don't have long 24pin and 8pin cables... If hey are mounted at the bottom, they might not reach the connectors located near the top.

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NICE! case, not a fan of gloss. but if thats you thing then this is a great case..with good sound proofing features. just the price its really expansive. kickass case but at that price not really,so great from me as well.

Rodney is it possible that you say the average price of the product that you review ?

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Very nice basic review. Antec always delivers good quality for a good price. I do like the case but not the glossy finish. If it gets scratched it really drops in value for me. I would have liked to see the front side again with the filters off.