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The Rosewill Future Case is one of the lightest steel mid-tower cases on the market. I's also very compact, but has plenty of features. The overall styling and build quality is great and it's affordable.




I bought this case at NewEgg in February and it didn't come with the USB 3.0 20 pin-to-USB A adapter or the PC Speaker. Looking at the other NewEgg reviews, it looks like only the review products actually came with the adapter. Not many people mention whether they got the PC Speaker or not since it's not something everyone uses and I don't really care that mine didn't include it.

But I bought this case specifically because my mobo doesn't have a 20 pin connector and doesn't support USB 3.0, but I do have a USB 3.0 PCIe card that came with in a hard drive dock combo. If I'd known that what shown as included is not actually included, I would have kept looking for a case that would fit my needs.

I used Rosewill's Contact Us form at their web site and got a response in about 12 hours. The response suggested I buy a 20 pin USB 3.0 PCIe add-in card that requires a SATA power connector too and costs $30 at NewEgg, though there are cheaper options out there. They suggested the use of a 20 pin plug to 8 pin USB 2.0 plug adapter, which would turn all three into USB 2.0 ports.

I sent a reply saying that my annoyance was in the fact that both the NewEgg video and the video above include a 20 pin header to USB 3.0 A adapter but that mine did not. Their reply today was that the first revision of the case included a USB 3.0 A pass-through cable for a single USB 3.0 port (as seen in the video above) while the second revision includes the 20 pin header for two USB 3.0 ports (as my case has) and that there is no way to get a 20 pin header to USB 3.0 A adapter even though it's clearly shown as being included in both videos.

It's quite annoying, but no matter what I'm going to have to spend more money to be able to use all three of the front USB ports on this case. And once I get a motherboard with a 20 pin header onboard, whatever I buy will have been a waste of money. :-/


I am continually browsing online for posts that can aid me. Thanks!

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My current case has front fans something like the ones on that case, hints why I cringed when I seen the front fans on that case, thankfully, they didn't make the same mistake Xclio did and that was, how the fans plugged into the actual case, those don't look like they can easily be bent off, the same could not be said about my current case.

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Rosewill makes some decent products, which are usually priced well, and have a lot features the more known brands do, I have a Rosewill mouse on my guest computer, and it's been there for almost 3 years, and 2 computers, and works just fine, and I recently built a small MicroATX PC for a client, using the Rosewill R101-P-BK 120mm Fan MicroATX Mid Tower Computer Case, and have had no complaints so far. But for my money, I would skip this case, and get an Antec300 case, sense it's on sale with Newegg, and just add a USB 3.0 hub down the road.


The usb cable at the back can be put on the motherboard's usb 3.0 header with the included usb adapter. Problem solved. This case is hard to recommend when the price segment is crowded with better cases.

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Seems ok for a cheap case, but I wouldnt buy it.

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how does this get great:s its looks like crap and fans sounds terrible and its at a very competitive price range... i would spend i little more and get the TJ08-E or a Storm Scout.
needs work

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It's a nice standard case, but that USB 3.0 cable just doesn't work for me. I like the dust filters and the front side but that's it. Good review as always.