NZXT Tempest 410 Case Review

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If your in the market for a decent case that won't break the bank, the NZXT Tempest 410 Case is it. Even though this is a budget case, it's packed with features. Fact is, even more expensive cases don't have the features this case does.




The top you can fit a long radiator for watercooling too. The Corsair H100 fits perfectly.

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i don't know it has that plastic ugly look :/ but the front fan system is awsome!

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The way the front fans are set up is pretty cool.

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I bet all these cases are cluttering up your house! :)

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Yea, but really everything I review does, that's why I sell em:

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looks cheap and ugleh

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Seems really similar in design to Corsair's 400R that launched in July. Would love to see a review on that and the 500R as well! anyway. Great review :)

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Seems pretty good for a budget case

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Wanna check a real PC Budget Case? check mine...

That's cheap

well i found this on ebay, anybody knows which brand is? I mean just the case

U sound like u got the flew man, get well.

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raidmax blackstorm i think, you do know that you can search Google using a picture :p

are they really selling it as a gaming rig with a Radeon HD 5670 ....strange

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yeah strange, a DIY custom rig is always the best

Thanks for the tip, this is a cool pc case.


its a oke case and the front fans are not that easy to clean, sure you can pop them get to the dust filter you still need the fan off that anyway so its pointless imo.
Like de 600t where its really easy to get the dust filters off.
Great buy, there are better cases on the market for that price imho

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Very decent case with very nice features. I like the removable cooling fan's at front. Easy to clean. Why oh why don't they adept this on all cases. A very good review as always. You didn't unlist the review !!.