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The Lancool PC-K9 Case has simple, but elegant styling and plenty of features to boot. There are lots of drive bays, ample room to work, three large fans, USB 3 ports and much more. If your in the market for an aluminum mid-tower case, keep it out.





i've been watching your reviews for a very long time. great stuff, as usual. two questions, if you have the time to answer:

i just purchased a few 4-pin, 120mm fans for my current case and i want to use them on this one so that i can have pwm control when connected to the motherboard headers. will the front mounts accept 120mm fans? i ask because i know a lot of 140mm fans come with 120mm mounting points and i was curious if the fans that come with this case are configured the same way.

i can't seem to find the PC-K9X model anywhere (no window, black interior). can anyone point me to an online retailer?

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Hi Rodney,

Any idea if this case will be made available in the UK?

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A few questions,

1: Do the front 140mm fans provide airflow over ALL of the Hdd's? I ask this because I recently purchased a Fractal R3, however, working from the bottom up, the 4th drive and 8th drive up, recieve no direct airflow over them, the fans are not big enough! I've never seen it mentioned in any reviews, to me thats a design fault.

2: If you remove the upper drive cage, can it be screwed into the bottom of the case, next to the PSU? In the video it seems there are some holes there, but are they usable


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Too plain looking for me.

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I have the older model the k1 pro! It's old but still awesome


Personally i don't like tool-less designs for the expansion slots. This one looks better than most I've seen but in the end i just find they are in the way for some funky cards or otherwise unreliable. A screw will never fail where a tool-less design can accidentally come lose and then when you move the case some card slips out of the motherboard socket and you never notice. BAM! Expensive just because you or whoever built the computer was too lazy to screw one or two screws into the case.

Otherwise a good review and that blooper was a nice treat.

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These problematic tool free designs are the typical plastic ones. I've never heard of it happening with Lian-Li. In any case, you can remove the tool free locks and use screws or thumbscrews instead. Anyway I rated it kickass because it has no top fan ports.

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Here's that blooper I was talking about. I was taking about tooless expansion slots and kinda got lost.

Rodney Reynolds,


That was pretty hilarious!

Hepatitis Q
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Captain Hook Video Reviews. Teehee


I love this case and personally really like that it hasn't been painted on the interior as I like cases without a side windows and find it hard to work on cases with an all black interior.

Will probably be considering Lancool for my next build in 4 yrs.


Hey Rodney! I want to smoke what you smoked before you made this video review! After all this, is a 100 Kickass review, like allways!

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That reminds me, I was going to post a blooper from this video review.


What is with this case? The designers put in some nice features, all aluminum, the PCI clip retainers, the rubber rests for the PSU, fan filters, and a USB 3.0 header connector but neglect to paint the whole case? It is nice to have a case without a window so it can be modded to the users likes, but then they did not paint the inside or back of the case. I thought case designers understood that most people look for this these days. As for the CPU retention plate hole, they are never big enough, or in the right place. I don't think this is to help the consumer, but to just save costs in material. All in all this is a swing and a miss, a real *yawn*.


It's an update for the K-7(B) series that you introduced several years ago.
So far, it's been an excellent case, though it fits 10.5" cards.
If I was in the market for a new case, this baby would be my next one.
I disliked the exterior look of the Dragon series that Lancool introduced,
and thought that they were wasting their time and money not updating the
popular K-7 series that is still selling well on Newegg.


LoL that's the same as my Lian Li PC 7F case
only in a better design, allowing for longer graphics card
plus tool less card holder + 140mm fan at fron & slightlly diffrent front grill
and minus the internal aluminum in my case.

damn in my case i'm stuck with video cards max length of 290mm.


Nice review! You were making more jokes than usual! I like!

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It's a very nice case if you don't want to bust your budget ^^. Very nice review as always.


wish he would just upload these to Youtube. I dont want to come to this site to watch videos

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Then don't, and whats the big deal anyway it's just one extra click. I thought it was annoying at first as well but it's not a big deal + the get payed more cause of al the adds aswell (unless u use addblocker')