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The SilverStone TJ08-E Case is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a Micro-ATX tower case. There are plenty of drive bays, large 180mm fan, removable motherboard tray, black interior, stylish, excellent build quality and isn't going to break the bank.



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Rodney would you consider this a better case then the NZXT Vulcan, I do REALLY appreciated the easy dust filters, the fans included and a removable mother board tray. But I've been itching for that NZXT Vulcan for a long time, in terms of Lan Parties. I think I might have to give up that dream for this case, what's your opinion?

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get this and put and handle or something on the top

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What kind of 2.5, 3.5 and 5.25 drive hardware does it have? Is it tool-less, does it have drive trays? You could have opened up the drive bays to give a better view.


You didn't remove the removable motherboard tray, I would have liked to see it at least.


you forgot to set the review vid as "unlisted".

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No, I did set it to unlisted, but YouTube has a way of defaulting it back to Public sometimes.

Rodney Reynolds,

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I dont really like the upside down mobo thing. It reminds me of those silly HPs.

I wouldnt say the 'positive pressure' cooling is that great with only one fan. I would have to install another one at the top and rear.


inverted atx or "upside down" motherboard is really cool when you have awesome water cooling blocks for your GPU that youd like to show off... if you cut a window in the case . i wish i had one.


I was looking for reviews for this case just a couple of days ago but there were hardly any out there, so I was very happy to see this one go up. I have the previous model TJ-08, love the mATX format, and would definately get this case. I guess it still has the limited clearance between the optical drive and the power supply, but I never found it to be an issue. Thanks Rodney.

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That fan on high sounds absolutely horrible. That buzz would drive me nuts, no matter how loud or quiet it may be.

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Very nice review ^^. It looks really great and something I definitely want to buy. I just noticed that you posted the full review on Youtube. Back to the old approach?


This is an interesting case. I must say the 3.5 front slot looks a bit odd, and I am sure I heard a rather loud buzzing when the fan was turned up to its maximum settings. Other than that, it is pretty good, for a micro-machine.

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This is a very good case design for a small case like this and it looks good imo

Its nice that you let us listen to the fans but i can adjust the volume of my speaker so its not very accurate :p

100% kickass

what is the USB cable for USB3.0 to USB2.0 on the motherboard or internal to external ?


It's internal USB 3.0.