NZXT Sentry Mix Fan Controller Review

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If you're in the market for an inexpensive fan controller, that can control up to 6 fans and is 50W per channel, the NZXT Sentry Mix Fan Controller might just be for you. If this is not your alley, NZXT has many other fan controllers to choose from.




Where can you buy this??


where can you buy this???


i dont understand how you can do a review on a fan controller with out showing it controlling a fan... please do another video show how it scales a 2000RPM fan ( at 12v ) and see how low it can get it to go...

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That varies on the fan it's self. My 1900RPM Scythe fans can not go as low as my 2000RPM Enermax fans they replaced. The motor's on the Scythe's just would not go that low.

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Amazing fan control and awesome review, really!

Hey Rodney just a small correction, it's possible to turn ON and OFF the LED's , it says on the manual that you have to press the LED button for 5secs to turn it ON and OFF.

:) keep it up!

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this looks like a nice fan controller to control extra fans in a phantom :D

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A Phantom already controls up to 5 fans..... how many do you need?? lol


I am not a huge fan of controllers, no pun intended. But this one is plastic, and seems well blah. If they take the time and expense to make color changing LEDs, perhaps they should move beyond the standard red, green blue, purple, and put full spectrum LEDs where people could dial in their exact color of choice including turning the bloody things off. If their goal was to make a cheap controller, I would say they succeeded. It sure looks cheap.

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Pretty simple, nicely done, if its cheap, like real cheap, 10 to 15 bucks, I say its well worth it.

Also, nice review.

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its $19.99

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A very nice review ^^. Look's cool and I also love the black cables. My Zalman controller has these boring red white colors I really hate.


Always nice to see a fan controller with black cables, manufacturers should take a note from this, nobody wants to see a mess of multicolor cables all around the case.