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If you're looking for a geeky retro-futuristic watch, the Cadence 4-bit Binary Watch might just be it. The case is made from jewelry grade stainless steel, has leather strap, quartz movement, quartz glass and coming with a 5 year warranty.




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The TEN number is wrong.. it has to be 1010 not 0101... hahahahhahahahha ... funny


It's because of the rotation of the rectangle containing the bits (the nibble) - you can see that as you move around the clock.
I agree that the design is not exactly correct but in cases of rotation you can't do much about it.

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Nothing overly great about the watch except relabeling the numbers. I would not call it particularly geeky or anything - just a relabeled face. I'm surprised Timex hasn't done one.

Been wearing a Citizen Skyhawk Eco-drive watch for the last 10 years. Now THAT is the geekiest watch I have ever found as it is combination analog and digital as well as being hybrid solar + rechargeable Li-Ion battery powered. It will powers down the watch in 3 stages in the absence of light. When light comes back, the hands move independently to where they belong - I still find that awesome to see even after all this time. It has never lost a minute in that 10 years and automatically adjusts for Daylight savings time or world time zones with the turn of the little knob or the push of a button.

And on top of it all, it is also cheaper than a Rolex.


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waste of time.


You got it as a present from your family? doesn't you?

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Luv the look of the watch, and use to wear a Timex data bank watch all the time, but it eventually died, and have not had a watch for nearly 10yrs now, as they tend to just get in the way doing both of my jobs.


When is the 8-bit version coming out?


When we get 255 hour days?


Cool watch, dude.

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That's pretty neat, though I've never used a wrist watch, though that's still a neat watch.

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Sooner or later this will be a watch worn by hipsters everywhere.

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wearing watches are too mainstream

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Do you use the stars or sun and shadow? :P

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i prefer the sundials they are handy but are not compatible with my mac :(

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@2:49 "take a seconde to look at it" you meant it literally LMAO
Nice review
its in between kickass and great for me

can you guys review the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate, i would like your opinion on this product


Do all computer/tech reviewers get to give these away?!?
"pcwizkid" (check out his channel) just opened up for a contest giving away these too...

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Just saw the clip myself of the give-away of this watch. 90$ for this watch Lol :p I thought this could be won at a Luna park. I saw 2 other models and only the one with the chrono function looks really interesting Definitely gonna buy the 4bit but with the chrono function. Nice review. It's seems that the 4bit digits also lights up in the dark.