BitFenix Alchemy Multisleeved Cables Review

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The BitFenix Alchemy Multisleeved Cables are simply outstanding. The best sleeving job I've ever seen, and I've sleeved a few cables myself. They come in 23 types and 7 colors, so you're bound to find cables for your needs.



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Do they sale these in a kit with all the extentions, or do you have to buy them seperatly?


A bit of a necropost, but are there extensions available for the front panel connectors?

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IMO this would of been 100% Kickass if it also came in black light reactive colors. Also, I can't see how this would improve airflow since there are just as many BitFenix cables as there would be standard cables. The only way I can see BitFenix improving airflow is if there was one sleeve for one group of wires. Other than that Kickass cables and review!

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They do look pretty nice, but I was thinking they would probably be overpriced until he said they arent that expensive.


they also have GREEN

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Nice! thought about sleeving my self but this would work great as well and it wont void warranty of the power supply top stuff
Nice review would have liked to see them in a case dough...oh well.
100% kickass imo

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Someone said the magic words..
Nice cables Rodney. :)

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Very nice review Rodney. Really good quality cables and very good looking.