Cooler Master Notepal X-Slim Laptop Cooler Review

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The Cooler Master Notepal X-Slim Laptop Cooler is a great way to cool down just about any laptop up to 17". It's lightweight and thin, silent 160mm fan, sweet looking and is affordable. If you need to keep your laptop cool, this might be the product for you.



Hepatitis Q
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You categorized this in the video card section on accident. :B

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Where can I buy one? I can't find a link anywhere :(

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Sweet review ---This cooler certainly deserves a 'kickass' rating :) I would love to see temperature comparisons pre/post cooler use; and to include other laptop coolers.

MTN Ranger
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How many laptops/notebooks have fans or vents directly on the bottom? My laptop and netbook both have openings on the sides for the fans. Will this cooler have any effect on them?

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Yep, fact is most laptops, notebooks, netbooks will overheat if the laptop fan(s) are restricted. The solution is to not block the laptops fan(s) and possible get a laptop cooler if need be.

Rodney Reynolds,

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Oh yeah, anything you set the laptop on will insulate it, bringing the heat up. And with the fan on it'll push air across the bottom, pulling the heat out into the air a lot more than just air sitting there.

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Normal USB ports only give 5v of power, the fan is gonna be plenty silent for anybody.

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That's what I thought, especially since it's a pass-through.

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Nice review. That USB cable is very handy for not losing a useful port.