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SuperTooth Buddy Bluetooth HandsFree Car Kit is an outstanding product that comes with an excellent mic and speaker, so all your calls will be crystal clear. It also has a 20 hours of talk time and 1000 hours stand-by time. One oft he best Bluetooth HandsFree devices I've seen!




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I don't drive unless I must, cause I'm blind in my right eye, and don't have the best hearing, but when I do drive I put my cell phone, in silent/vibrate mode, and will not answer it when driving, as it's too much of a distraction, and will wait till i get to where I am going, or can safely pull off someplace(time permitting), before I will talk to the person who is trying to call me. Also on this device, it kind of reminds me of the old school car phones, that had the hands free kits where you hit one button on the visor, and you could hear whoever crystal clear, My oldest stepbro had one for years, and it never failed him.

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Hey, can't you ride a bicycle or a tricycle if you have one? Well, I'm blind in my left eye.

Anyway, it'd be nice if there's a bicycle-mounted version of the bluetooth "buddy" (strange name to me; I'm not that type of guy who wishes to be called "buddy." :)).

To be cheap, I only do texting, but I'm unlikely to text while riding a bicycle. That's just too dangerous and that I'm afraid that no humans in the world can handle two very intense multitasking (I say "intense" because texting requires concentration on what you are typing to). I'm visually and hearing impaired.

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