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The SilverStone Precision PS06 Case is one of the best all around mid-tower cases on the market today. With lots of features and great looks, it's bound to be popular. So if you're in need of an excellent mid-tower case. check this one out.




Nice Preview this is not a review

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0:54 DON't TIP OVER :O

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Wish it had a second front 120mm intake and had the top 180mm as an exhaust. But you can always flip the top fan around to make it an exhaust fan, and to make the rear fan an intake, which would be good especially if you had an H50 and used the included fan that came with the case and the included fan that came with the H50 and make it into a push/pull configuration and having positive pressure and having the top fan the only exhaust. This would be even better with an extra 120mm front intake fan, but can't always get what you want. ;)

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Hot air rises to the top and cool air rises from the bottom, right?

Hot air exhausts and rises
Cools video card(s) and CPU(s)
Cool air from intake fans

Of course, I could have the rear fan intake cool air just as if there are intake fans at the front of the case. That is, if the fans in the top of the case are set to exhausts hot air out of the case.

With that said, you'll have more intake fans than exhaust fans, resulting in positive air pressure.

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Great video review. Any plan on making a Silverstone TJ11 video review?

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Positive air pressure:

Rodney Reynolds,

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Positive is better, but you want it only a little positive and you still want that wind tunnel effect. On my HAF X I did this when I a grabbed an H50 and will keep it after getting the custom water set up. All I did was make the rad for the H50 pull air in and added a second OEM fan at the top. I get positive pressure but air still flows in the bottom and out the top in a pretty smooth flow. Tested with a smoke machine a buddy has.

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Good review! The front bezel looks kinda like the HAF932, I don't like the blue accents at all. But it has pretty nice features. I think I'm gonna wait for the Corsair Carbide 500R ;)


Rear exhaust should be standard on ALL cases...
Top fan should be an exhaust.
I mean the case would probably be pretty decent if you added a read exhaust and flipped the top fan to exhaust but you shouldnt really have to with a brand like silverstone.


I always get exaited when i see the case reviews! but i dont like the window is so much width, so that you can see the tool less 5 inch drive bays. mid size is too boring for me, i have always been a big fan of full size cases. I am not set on my next case yet but so far i have chosen the Cosair Obsidian 800D.

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Unless you plan for going straight to water cooling, I would avoid it. The airflow is a bit pathetic on that case. Only the one intake at the bottom of the main chamber. Most reviews that go into cooling ability have given the case pretty low marks for air cooling.


We will see, i have heard they are making a new case that looks like the 800D but was much better. I am really exaited to see what they will bring up. But i still like that case so much i dont care about the reviews, i got a H50 and then all i need is 2 top intake fans that can take in cool air and force out the rear exhaust fan, thats my plan anyways


I like the blue color and interior, but not the window. If I were choosing my next case, this would be it.

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Doesn't do too much for me either.

I would also want to reverse the 180mm fan.

Wish the front and back fans were 140mm in back and 140mm or larger in front.

Would have liked the ability to add a fan into the window for cooling the video card(s).

Not sure if the top fan has a dust filter or not.

Plastic bottom feet in front and rubber in back? Why not just go all rubber for it's "anti-vibration" properties.

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top intake is like fighting nature itself...

if i get that first thing ill do is reverse that top 180mm to exhaust

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Normally Silverstone makes really good stuff, but I really do not like this one at all. Have the large air penetrator fan on top would totally screw up airflow. You have it blowing a column of air down in to the cooler as it's trying to blow air out the back though the one exhaust fan. Then you only have one small 120mm fan in front. To get good flow you need to swap a loud high RPM on in. Positive pressure is fine, but don't do it at the sacrifice of the wind tunnel effect that keeps air cycling in the case. I say it's a bad initial design that needs parts swapped around to work properly.

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Not a lot of comments on this case.. interesting.. hmm

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I have to say this case doesn't really stand out too much for me.

Styling and features are nothing special. The price is nice but for me that's all this case has going for it.

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Great video review ^^. It's a good design and I really like the top fan so cleaning is more easier. (I have the Antec 902)