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The Lian Li PC-U6 Special Edition Case is the PC-777's little brother. There's really nothing else like it on the market. It has totally unique styling, is all aluminum, fits long video cards, is super lightweight and the build quality is amazing.



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Beautiful unique design,wonderful build quality,hats off to Lian Li for daring to break the mould and showing some creativity!
Is it for the mainstream??.....NO! But who wants to be mainstream all they're life? ;-)

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That is the ugliest case I ever saw.


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Love it.


Since you kept referring to the shape as a "snail" I kept thinking of a great paint job theme. Gary... from Spongebob Squarepants! It is completely up to you but is something that I would eve consider doing with the case. The other theme I thought of was something along the lines of a music themed color theme with dark midnight blues (internal blue Cold Cathods as well) and piano black. Of course being Lian-Li, excellent construction and materials with and interesting offering.

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Rodney, reviews are becoming a bit repeatously... same words, same things reviewed in every cases.

Myabe we need some of more pragmatic, as testing hardware in the cases, trying integrating watercooling solutions and compatibility.

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kickass, if only it was in my local store!!!!!!!!!

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You should review the xigmatek elyisium


This case is based on a previous case of theirs of a similar design and is suppose to be used as a unique looking home theatre. I personally think it's a great taste although not entirely to my taste and I'm glad they have the guts to come out with more creative designs such as this and their PC-888 model.


lol who the hell has a slug fetish at lian li?

Pedro Arvelos
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At 0:59 it looks like you are handling a washer... :\

Some cases are weird and cool...

This one is just... weird.


I think it totally bang for buck, and weird looking!!!


thats awful, who on earth is gonna buy that XD

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Just think what a good mod can do to a case like that. Everyone is different and I'm sure someone has a twinkle in their eye for this case. how boring would the world be if we all liked the same things. :)

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Looks like an ear or something, don't like at all...


I think it's ugly IMHO


I don't think it looks good IMO. I think they need to make cases that look very high end like the Antec 1200 and HAF X with massive fans that immediately tell you what's inside

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First reaction: wtf is that!


Looks awesome but it struck me as a suprise that its a M-ATX case, its massive! lol


I can see using this as a HTPC case. It's unique, and a little artsy, but it still maintains the look of a high quality piece of home theatre equipment.


Its an interesting case, that's for sure but the most puzzling thing about this case is the red LED, I don't know about you guys but when I think about seashells, I picture the sea, the water, the COLOR BLUE, its so odd that they'd pick red when the product would remind most about the sea, the color blue.

If I had this case, at they most I'd use it as a theater pc, even though I'm a gamer, I could not take this case to a land party, really I think this case is fail for lian li, I think this is the first case of theirs I don't like.

Though its out of the box when it comes to what you normally see in cases, it just does not look like its worth the price Lian Li case usually have.

Who ever at Lian Li came up with this idea for a case, should of thought, that making a case that relates to something, such as this case does, would narrow the market for the case, on top of that, with a case so unique, the price to make it will probably go through the roof, making the costs go to the buy, causing the people that are actually interested in this case, cringe when they find the price, so that further narrows the market on buyers looking for such a case. Only those that really really really really really want a case shape like a seashell will buy this case. I don't think Lian Li will be selling this case for very long,

So there you go, it'll become a collectible case, making it some what worth the price lol.

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That was be, forgot to log in, or I didn't noticed I was not logged in.

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wow it looks so nice <3

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I think someone should mod this case to look like a seashell.

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Over $200 for a Micro ATX, that's a tad bit expensive. It looks unique I give it that, but for the price I'd expect it to be a Dyson Finless fan. Compared to the NZXT Vulcan, this isn't a buy for me.

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