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The SilverStone DC01 Network Data Center one of these products that makes you smile. You can store all your data on it and access it from just about anywhere. It's basically a mini server which you access via the network and it's fast since it comes with a Gigabit LAN port. Brilliant!




Wonder what file systems it uses, If it can talk to linux, windows and mac then I hope its not just FAT32 as a 4gb limit is too smaller boundary this days. If EXT with samba built in then thats one little neat gadget.

Excellent Review, as always..


I would consider it if they had the same thing with 5 racks for drives, 2TB is not enough for a decent media storage nowadays, especially with most movies in HD now.


Too bad than it can not be used as a torrent/jdownloader pc....


1-2 GB or more Rodney? When did we go back to 90's?!

Anyway, I would definitely consider it if I could replace that ugly interface with a simple webpage of basic tasks and could use SSH to manage it (assuming it's based on Linux which it probably is). It would greatly reduce the amount of memory being used by the device and maybe even enhance it's poor data rates (168mbps with USB 2.0 over gigabit Ethernet? Something's wrong there lol)...

This is by far the fastest ARM-based proc and greatest amount of RAM I've ever seen on one of these style of NAS systems for the price :)


can this replace the apple time machine?


I'm not sure if this device can but you can do this with a FreeNAS server, check out there website. Here's a video of someone has done just that, of course you could use a more up to date computer and nicer case.