NZXT Cryo LX Aluminum Notebook Cooler Review

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The NZXT Cryo LX Aluminum Notebook Cooler screams hardcore! It's all aluminum, comes with three 120mm fans, 4 USB ports, fits 15" to 19" notebooks and has a foldable design. If you need a cooler for a gaming notebook, you've found it!




This one is really awesome. I got to see many such kind of things when i was making a laptop reviews.

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Might be good for my Asus G50VT that I run [email protected] on the GPU and on the X9100 CPU 24/7. I wish a laptop cooling pad would come out that has a big peltier in it though.

I want a vertex 2 128GB for < $220.
Gimme please


The question is, what RPM and how many CFM when the fans are at full speed, when getting power from a wall wart, versus getting power from a USB port. Hopefully it will ramp up considerably higher with the wall wart, since USB 2.0 can only deliver 2.5 watts (at least that's the spec.) and 2.5 watts of cooling power is not impressive at all.

I sustain that a box fan laid flat on your desk, with pencil erasers for some spacing, laptop over the fan, fan blowing air upwards is the best notebook cooler around besides some power gobbing Peltier or freon compressor solution.

Thanks for the review!


I own this product and agree 100% with Rodney. Best buy out there for a high end laptop if you're editing, gaming or anything somewhat intensive.

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Cool! I might consider getting this when receiving my Alienware m14x from dell site.

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That something I need to have. I'm tired of all that plastic stuff that they are selling in the shops here. Only 51 euro. Fair price.

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need this for my hp dv6 core i7 hd5650 notebook

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I voted anonymously before I log in, which I forgot to do so. Heh.

That cooler looks very nice!!!

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