HIS 6450, 6570 & 6670 1GB GDDR5 Video Cards Review

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HIS 6450, 6570 & 6670 1GB GDDR5 Video Cards rated Great by 3dGameMan.com

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HIS 6450, 6570 & 6670 1GB GDDR5 Video Cards might not be for hardcore gamers, but they're still packed with fantastic features. Either one of these are must have products for quite computer builds, like for example HTPCs.




i have the 6450 and it's okay for games on par with the half life source series and less. not so much this new shit. forget dx11


Hello you guys i hope someone can help me.
The fan from my psu started to make fail(it's a thermaltake purepower rx 500w),the fan is 14cm(thermaltake tt-1425b),i change the fan with a noiseblocker nb-blacksilentfan xk1.The problem is a just found out is the old fan was a 1400rpm or a 1900rpm nobody knows exactly and it was pushing about 82cfm the new fan i installed is a 800rpm and it pushes 35cfm should i be worried?Thanks i hope someone will answer.

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That 6670 might make a nice budget card.

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I don't do any hardcore gaming, but games before 2005? Heh, I'll take the 6450, but that is, if I forget about DirectX 11. I thought I'd develop a DirectX 11 game with that video card on which I could target casual gamers. Otherwise, I'll go with the consoles instead (I'm a hardcore JRPG gamer myself, even though I like to play shoot-em-up games--er, FPS with a game controller.). :)

I could play console-ported games with that, even though I don't have a CPU much better than AMD Athlon X2 4050e. My CPU is outdated. :(

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how can they have crossfirex? if they are low profile, and haven't got a crossfire bridge?
I Think that is an mistake, i don't think they have crossfireX because it useless in this card, because you can't use it

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It's that the actual graphics processor has that technology, even though the shown card might not support it, it's built into the gpu.

But old old cards they used to use software crossfire, which went through the pci-e bus. Also there are some motherboards that can do a hybrid mode, in which you can use nvidia and amd cards together, and different card generations together, which I'm pretty sure would do away with the bridges.



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Great review. Kickass products for media pc's.

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obvious its not for gaming because if it was they would be prettier

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Not everyone has windows in their case.. :/