Palit GTX 560 2GB GDDR5 Video Card Review

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The Palit GTX 560 2GB GDDR5 Video Card is a perfect option for anyone on a budget but still in need of an excellent video card. This product is jam packed with fantastic features and performs really well. And if more gaming power is required simply add another one for an SLI setup.




Whats the difference beetween this and the ti version

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the ti has more chaders and higher clock ti is more like a 565 card

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The gtx 560 is a bit slower than the Ti version. Less Cuda (shader units) cores are active, lower clock (1000 mhz instead of 1002) It's really a market thing against the AMD 6870 to lower prices. No more no less. 2GB is only meant for giving a little more punch. Good if you have more monitors.

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"Hail to the king baby!"


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Another nice review Rodney....

It is nice to see some humor injected but if I were a box, I'd want to be a motherboard box because they come with lots of extra goodies!

Speaking of goodies, here is a great poll question. How many users actually use the Molex to 6 pin adapter supplied with a video card?

Seriously though, I think the computer peripheral industry is extremely wasteful with excess adapters, guides and driver discs. I have crates full of this stuff that I have collected over the years and I am torn about what to do with it. I for one gravitate towards manufacturers that package their products in a minimalist format such as HT Omega with their line of sound cards.

Thanks again for a great review!

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2GB of memory.. sick :)

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Very nice Review as always. Is there a chance you can get another one for a Sli Setup review ??. I still own a 5970 and a was thinking of buying two 560's or one 590. I have a 30" Dell Ultrasharp U3011. I like to play on high resolutions. ^^

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Funny you should ask, because I just emailed PaliT about this very thing, but I'm not sure yet if they are going to send another one. I'll let ya know.

BTW: With a 30" display and super high resilutions, I'd recommend a GTX 590.

Rodney Reynolds,