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There are plenty of iPad 1 cases on the market, but few are as versatile as the Scosche kickBACK P1 Case. This product offers protection for the iPad, but it also doubles as a stand. What sets it apart though is it can be orientated in a portrait, landscape or typing mode.




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If i had a Ipad i would just let it fall without a protection case ^^

Pedro Arvelos
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Oh... I thought it was a PC case...

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I wish the title said ipad case...I thought it was a computer case.


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If I had an iPad, I'd have the ZAGGmate... that is just 100%KA... wondering what they'll do for the iPad 2... or if they'll stick to the original design, but thinner...

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Very nice review. Personally I have the ZAGGmate case with Keyboard. It's a little thicker but the protection is excellent.