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The Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced Case has great build quality, lots of drive bays, fans, USB 3 ports, cable management, black interior, tool-less design and much more. This is one of the better cases on the market. If you require a full tower case with a rugged look, this is probably it!




Not seeing included dust filters is a real bummer. Its weird seeing a case of this caliber missing such a simple yet key aspect.

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I own this case too But I highly agree were's the dust filters . I went to lowes and bought window screen to add to the vents . Works great but could have been better if it already came with it .


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I love how rough you were taking it out of the box. Shows a bit about it's durability, my Elite 310 would explode from that.

Just out of curiosity, what do you reviewer guys all do with the products after reviewing? Do you get to keep it or do you have to send it back to the manufacturer?

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I'm really dissapointed in this case, I own a HAF 932, and thought since this is an advanced version it would have at least dust filters but it doesn't. From Rodney's review I can't see much improvement from the first version, except the usb 3.0 ports and air duct inside the case. Haf X has all those things and more (including dust filters), and it was made before this case.
Shame on you Coolermaster...

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What is this black removable plastic addon, which is shown at 9:57 min.? Couldnt understand what u said and i dont know how to install a fan on first i thougt this is just to increase the airflow from the front fan to the graphic card...


Might as well just get the HAF X


Hey, Hodney, can u please review themaltake v10 gt case, i found the case im using is too small for the gears?
so does v10 gt have great performance for water cooling? And how many radiators dous it fit?
I'm so appreciate all the vies u ve done, they are so handy



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I wonder if you can buy the parts that are different and fit them in a regular 932... I'd like the USB 3.0 connectors since I have a USB 3.0 motherboard and I'd also like the 2.5" drive adapter and this fan thingy that goes next to or behind the hdds


What color are the power and HDD activity LEDs? You should state the colors in your reviews.


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Nice case, but I like my HAF X better.

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I dont really get why this product has got mostly 100% kickass in the poll. Dustfilters should really be standard of todays cases.

And WHY would you need two power supplies? If you are an extreme overclocker, you're probably not even using a case!!


If the 932A had removable 3.5 drive bays it would be 100% KAP


Rodney, if you don't mind me asking, which case would you prefer if you had to choose, this one or the In Win Dragon Rider?

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This one, but I'd recommend the Cooler Master HAF X or if you have the money one of the Lian Li full tower cases.

Rodney Reynolds,

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ATCS 840 Advanced? i'd get that one if it ever comes...

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whats the diference whit the standard haf 932 and the advanced one ? (apart form the usb 3 hub)


i do agree entirely about dust filters, btw you can buy or build yourself and they're very cheap, so... good case anyway

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I think that this case is made to give to everybody thr oppurtunity to buy a huge case without spending to much....but c'mon dust filters..... Every case should have those. Also not really high end cases.... I personally prefer spending more and buying a haf X.

Great review like always rodney ;)


Great review as always. However, you forgot to include measurements in inches.


grrrrr i got the case when it first came out but mine the only thing i don't like is the white are steel color inside now they got it black inside and this case has dust filters you gotta buy theme sep

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for the roughly the same price i would go withe the corsair graphite 600 t really nice case and it has dust filters


I have the original HAF 932 case,and aside from a few cosmetic extras,as well as the USB 3 ports,there's not much of a difference.

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I still dont see how opening it from the bottom is any easier than opening it from the top.

It seems like a pretty good case. I would like to see a bigger window and less fans on the side.


holy crap, you uploaded the video not 10 minutes after i checked to see if you reviewed it!


If this case was shorter and had filters it would be perfect.

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Kinda weird there are no dustfilters at all, you will probably need to clean it with a vaccum cleaner everyday. Cases with no dustfilters are a dealbraker for me.

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I agree with this. All new cases should have dust filters on all the intake fans/vents.