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The Cooler Master Storm Enforcer Case has great styling, lots of drive bays, plenty of fans, radiator support, black interior, side window, cable management, USB 3, and much more. If you're in the market for an affordable mid-tower gaming case take a look at this product.




can i put 2 120mm fans instead of the 200 mm????


Im a sucker for people young and old who who post often, it’s really challenging to obtain all form of comprehension just about any means. Great job.


its only 80 bucks on amazon now with free shipping! =D


I will buy this case for sure! Lovely case with a lot of features, side panel window is the best
just add another 200mm fan at the top to get maximum air flow. :D

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this is pretty good case for mid-range class. But unfortunately I couldn't find it on CM UK website. tool-less design is really nice feature to have. I own elite 430 black which I bought when it was on sale for cheap price. I am very impressed with CM so far.


Actually many USB3 motherboards have the internal USB3 header, they are the Intel SandyBridge boards or the P67 models such as the Gigabyte models.

To sum it all up this case is just a redesign CoolMaster Half 912 Advanced, which is just a upgraded Half 912, i guess CoolerMaster thought they will throw everyone a bone since the Half 912 Advanced was not released in the USA. One of the issues with this case is the the wires for the front IO ports just drop down into the top drive bay. Also the door, i was angry when i saw the door.

I wish they would release a Blue LED version or a version without the front fan. The mention about an optional side window fan with an optional part but its nowhere to be found on their side, just may be a new sidepanel.


It's all well having the USB 3 ports at the front, but at the moment I don't think there are any well known branded motherboards with internal USB 3 connections are there? I've only seen them either external on the back of the motherboard, or a blue cable running from the front of the case through to plug in to the back. I understand why they have put them in but I wouldn't buy for the front USB 3 ports yet.

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any new Cooler Master high end cases in the works?

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I really don't care too much for a window on my cases, as I would rather have a good fan instead, which is why I want with the simple, yet functional budget minded Antec300 case.

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Sometimes you can have too many choices, but i think this is a good addition since it has radiator support.


Chill Slakt!

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why do they need to make a mid tower again? They already got two.

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I think I'd rather have the Cooler Master CM Storm Scout.. mostly for the handles. :D

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This is going to be my next case, I would give it a Kickass because it has all the features of an HAF 912 (which you gave kickass) and I think it looks better, it has a very nice window, and usb 3.0. So I think it's worth the extra money.

Thanks for your reviews Rodney, they really help me making choices in the store :)

btw, sorry for my English, I'm from The Netherlands so my English is not that good :P